Teach the key concepts of business and strategy with Smartsims Business Simulations

Accelerate learning through our fun and easy to use simulations by giving students real business experience. This innovative, team-based approach simulates the cross-functional nature of business within a competitive marketplace.

MikesBikes Intro

Introduction to Business Simulation that teaches the key concepts of business as students run their own company.

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MikesBikes Advanced

Strategic Management Simulation combining practical hands-on decision making with real world modelling.

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Music2Go Marketing

Principles of Marketing simulation enabling students to run their own Sales and Marketing Campaign.

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AdSim Advertising

Principles of Advertising simulation enabling students to run their own Advertising Campaign.

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Benefits to Students

Your Students will have the unique opportunity to manage their own company online, competing within a dynamic and competitive environment against other student-run firms. They will gain skills such as learning to formulate strategy, interact with real financial reports, analyze market research, and use forecasting tools.

As each year progresses students must analyze the changing marketplace and understand the needs of their customers; therefore reinforcing the importance of planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy.

Easy to Integrate and Use

Smartsims Business Simulations are flexible in their integration, from complimenting an existing course structure, through to being the central feature of a course, or even as an exciting way to end your course.

Smartsims Business Simulations have been integrated into a variety of courses ranging from those at an undergraduate level such as Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing and Advertising, through to Business Strategy/Capstone, General Business, Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior, MBA and Certification Courses for Professional Institutions.

Theory in Practice

Smartsims Business Simulations were designed by Professors frustrated with the limitations of traditional learning methodologies. Our simulations facilitate experiential learning, allowing students to translate the ideas taught in class into a live case study.

Our simulations have been proven superior to any on the market, attested by thousands of loyal customers and over 15 years of simulation experience. You will see for yourself why students continue to tell us our simulations are the highlight of their degree!

World Class Support

We take care of course setup, and management of your simulation is easy with our completely automated system. We also have a full administration feature to enable you to monitor your simulation and have as much or as little control as you like.

In addition, each of our simulations have a full set of resources including Instructor's Manual, Player's Manual, PowerPoint slides, Demonstrations, Assignments, and Quizzes.

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